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When using holistic natural remedies, it’s also important to make simple changes to your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle to achieve the best result.

No two people experience any illness the same way. During our consultation, I will suggest the appropriate holistic treatment plan and remedies for you- taking into consideration factors such as your medical history, family medical history, ethnicity, age, occupation, amount of stress in your life, gender, cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices. In other words, all of you.

This is how I work with individuals -I individualize your treatment. All my herbal remedies are custom-prepared by me, by hand, from whole plant botanicals. I will adjust your formulas and dosage schedule as your condition improves. I am available every step of the way to be your holistic healing coach and provide you with support, advice and encouragement to overcome the physical and emotional legacy of your health challenge. Our phone consultation ensures that I can create the appropriate formula for your individual situation and can follow up with you to maintain your continuity of care.

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Christopher Scipio RH AHG, Member of the American Botanical Council

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